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Onwards, Upwards, Roundaboutwards

14 February, 2008

What a strange thing it is to be rolling along one minute only to pitch right off the wagon the next.2263957476_8869f4dfc8_o.jpg There I am, blogging away from June to Christmas, not exactly prolific but far from idle either, and then, as the first day of the new year dawns, my cyber-muse goes up in smoke. Now, how capricious is that, I ask you?

However, I have not been doing nothing all this time. I have been turning my thoughts to fiction. I’ve been toying with this for a while, by way of pursuing a constructive and inexpensive passtime really, but had a bit of a nudge along the path when my little tale of gothic dread in Crystal Palace (the one I tried to complete in time for last Hallowe’en, remember? Oh, never mind) made it into the small but nonetheless perfectly formed “One Eye Grey“. So, I get to thinking, maybe I should spread my literary wings just a little and see what occurs with a little application. More anon.